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Design Meeting

At this initial stage of the website design process, we will meet with you and discuss your overall website needs. We will cover color scheme, layout, pagination, and typography in order to get a sense of what overall style you like. We like to know what other websites you like the design of so that we can use those styling cues in your customized website.

Initial Payment

After the design meeting, we will submit to you a detailed website agreement outlining our responsibilities for completing your website. After you sign the website agreement, we will require the initial payment to begin work on your site. The initial payment is typically 50% of the total cost.

Design Submission

We take the information you provided in the design meeting and create a mock-up of what your website will look like. At this point, if you have any changes, we will alter the design and re-submit it to you for review.Once you “sign-off” on the design, we will move forward with developing your site.


This is where the magic happens and your website takes shape. We build out all the individual pages and enter all the finalized text and images you provide us with.

Client Review

At this stage, the client reviews all individual pages of the website for errors or omissions and corrections made.

Final Payment

Once we receive the final payment, your website is complete and ready to be launched!